How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping: A Simple Fix

Using a CPAP Machine While Camping More than 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. This creates problems when this population wants to do things such as camping! Do not let having sleep apnea discourage you from camping, however. You can use your sleep apnea machine while camping, provided you have the right things in order. A simple method for … Read More

How To Make Coffee While Camping: 2 Fast and Easy Methods

The smell of a warm cup of coffee is enough to brighten someone’s day. From the comfort it brings to the energy it provides, coffee has since been a requirement for a quick pick me up.  There’s a chance you might be reading this since you didn’t do your research before you left, or you’re doing some last minute research! … Read More

How Do We Start Car Camping in 2018

Hiking Advice

Car camping comes with a lot of benefits. First, it comes with the initial advantage that you don’t have the initial upfront investment of a tent and the things you need within a tent. However, you can still have a combination of both a car and a tent as one space, as you could read our article here. In addition … Read More