Sequoia National Park Camping

One of the best ways to relax and spend quality time, alone, with friends or with family, is camping. Choosing a place for camping can give you a hard time because there are plenty of beautiful places in the U.S, but the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are often included on top camping destinations list for many nature lovers. And there are specific reasons for being such a sought camping destination: lush meadows, sheer granite peaks, broad lake basins and extraordinary glacial canyons. Visited, admired and enjoyed by people from around the world, the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks is a magnificent place where wilderness unfolds most naturally and beautifully possible.

 Sequoia National Park Camping

How to make camping reservations in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks?

The camping sites are usually open from June to September; it’s always best to check with park administration for precise opening and closing park camping dates! Reservations can be made up to six months in advance (so you have to plan early, but this is a good aspect regarding your camping trip). You can make a reservation for a campground at

Not all campsites require reservations or permits. Some campsites such as Sheep Creek, Moraine, South Fork, Cold Springs, Azalea, and Atwell Mill are on a first come first serve basis. Campgrounds such as these tend to fill up fast during the end of the week. The best time for a less competitive campsite snatch, is it go earlier in the week such as Monday through Thursday.


Which are precisely the camping sites in the Sequoia National Park?

In the Sequoia National Park, there are three main forest areas with several camping sites: Foothills, Mineral King, and Lodgepole and Giant Forest areas. Foothills offers Buckeye Flat Campground, Potwisha Campground, and South Fork Campground. In the Lodgepole/Giant Forest area, there are Dorst Creek Campground and Lodgepole Campground, while in Mineral King, you can go to Cold Springs campground and Atwell Mill Campground.


What do I need to bring when camping in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks?

First of all, it’s good to know that parking is limited and park administration recommends carpool if you have the possibility. In each camping site, there are available picnic tables, firepits with grill, flush toilets and drinking water. Find our discussion on equipment and products. Administration recommends storing food properly, to protect bears. It’s best to use bear-resistant food storage lockers, which are provided at the group camping sites. The dimensions for these lockers are W:47”, D:33” and H:28”. Most of the campgrounds also have markets, laundry facilities, restaurants and even gift shops, so if you have an emergency or a crisis (regarding food or gifts, for example), you can always find what you need.


What about camping safety in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks?

The main challenges are represented by falling objects (branches, rocks, and even pine cones), swimming in dangerous rivers, carbon monoxide (never burn charcoal in closed spaces), diseases, hantavirus, and plagues, insects and ticks, hypothermia, rattlesnakes, lightning, and mountain lions. All these means you have first to get informed and prepare to react in crisis situations. One of the most important principles is to report to the administration of the park all the unusual circumstances that occur during your stay at the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.


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