How to Power CPAP Machine While Camping: A Simple Fix

Using a CPAP Machine While Camping

More than 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. This creates problems when this population wants to do things such as camping! Do not let having sleep apnea discourage you from camping, however. You can use your sleep apnea machine while camping, provided you have the right things in order.

A simple method for addressing this method is of course to sleep in a campground that provides AC outlets. This is not always the case for most campgrounds and certainly limited the camper to very specific campsites. The point of this article to suggest an option for the reader to discover that will enable them to camp wherever they would like, while simultaneously being adherent to their CPAP duties at night.

The Materials Needed: To utilize a battery backup device in combination with solar panel charging. Solar panels are about all the rage nowadays and for a good reason. The technology is perfect for off-grid use. The battery specific to your recommendations is the Aeiusny UPS battery 500W with a total of 288Wh.


Use this battery in combination with a solar panel. The one we recommend is the Renogy 100w 12 Volts Monocrystalline Solar Panel. This panel in particular due to the Monocrystalline design, which helps power the solar panel in low light conditions, such as shade. These are perfect when used in tandem to recharge your portable battery. The battery we recommended is also able to be powered by a car or RV, as well as the standard wall plug. Be careful with the car charger, however; we would hate for your car’s battery to be drained dry.


The method: To use the battery to power the CPAP machine while you sleep, and the solar panels to recharge while you are awake! We recommend using the DC-DC charger to allow the battery to last longer when using your CPAP.

The battery we recommended will grant you time depending on your CPAP device power. The formula to calculate this is working time = watt-hours/CPAP’s watts. For example, if your CPAP machine uses 30 watts, and you use the battery we recommend, your device use time would be 288Wh/30w which equates to 9.6 hours of use!

Charge your battery with the solar panel, and this proves a robust method to power your CPAP machine while camping.

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