How Do We Start Car Camping in 2018

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Car camping comes with a lot of benefits. First, it comes with the initial advantage that you don’t have the initial upfront investment of a tent and the things you need within a tent. However, you can still have a combination of both a car and a tent as one space, as you could read our article here. In addition to lack of initial upfront investment of regular camping, most of the things you do need are pretty reasonable things for anybody that wants to be away from home for a bit.

First Aid Kits

Ouch no first aid kit

Let’s talk about the first aid kits for example. Just because we are car camping, we can not discount the fact that we are far away from any real medical treatment in most cases. Knowing some essential first aid skill, as well as having a basic first aid kit can limit the potential scenario of preventable infections, blood loss, and pain. Primarily infections because the skin is our primary defense against infections, and should the skin become broken, we are at a scary increased risk for a disease.

Sleeping Situation

Wilderness sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are of course a thing. The mattress we mentioned earlier that you could find in this article, is pretty decent should you also have plenty of blankets to stay warm. If you choose to use a sleeping bag, we do recommend an inflatable mattress below the sleeping bag to assist with body heat conservation. This is a topic we also talk about when discussing winter camping. Sleeping bags are rated for the temperatures they are designed to be used in, so be sure to double-check that.


Toilet paper

We also must cognisant of essentials! Wet wipes are so helpful when camping. Worst case scenario, if you are unable to shower these things can be used as a sponge bath, and you will feel 100 times better and cleaner. Toilet paper must also be on your checklist for a reason not needing explanation. Trash bags must be essential; let’s not trash the beautiful environment we are guests in and came to enjoy. Worst case scenario you should bury your biodegradable trash. Please be mindful.


Someway to start a fire, is very important. We get it you are car camping, and maybe you do not want to sit at a campfire, but we do not advise you put yourself in a situation where you need a fire and are unable to make one. Learning to start a fire, or bringing things to start a fire is an essential life-saving skill and should not be overlooked.


So these are a few things that car campers want to be aware of, as well as the pros of car camping. The main takeaway is that car campers are still campers. Camping essentials should not be overlooked, and the only real thing that changes is that your living space is your car. We think the great thing about camping, is seeing things in a different light, whether you are car camping or camping without it. You will see use in most things that you don’t usually find as useful or don’t use for that purpose. It’s an exciting world out there go out there and let us know how you car camp and what you bring!

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