12 Backpacking Essentials That You Can Not Live Without

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There’s a lot you need to think about before you even begin to pack for an upcoming jaunt across the globe. When you’re backpacking, you will be getting by on what you can carry on your back. The key is not to overdo it. We spoke to many well-traveled explorers and tested everything from pen knives to portable phone chargers. … Read More

9 Fast Tips on Winter Camping

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It can go without saying that winter camping comes with its challenges depending on the experience you are trying to achieve. Some may decide to “mule-pack” (of course this may mean a snowmobile, or decide to stay in a warm cabin. Whatever your choice or definition of winter camping, these ten quick tips are sure to help. 1. Consider the … Read More

21 Camping Hacks for Any Camper

Camping hacks often make the trips outdoors to be exciting and fun. Check out some of these hacks which provide fantastic tricks and hints. 1) Homemade Fire Starters Homemade firestarters are a way to be conservative when on a budget; they also prove to be very effective as well. Take some cotton balls (Or some q-tips) and dip them in … Read More

The Top 8 Must-Have Camping Gear for Any Camper


Any seasoned camper will tell you that forgetting just one essential thing can ruin your whole camping experience. Packing is the most critical stage of your camping trip. You want to pack everything that you will need in sufficient quantities but not too much stuff that will be tedious to drag around in the wild.