21 Camping Hacks for Any Camper

Camping hacks often make the trips outdoors to be exciting and fun. Check out some of these hacks which provide fantastic tricks and hints.

1) Homemade Fire Starters

Homemade firestarters are a way to be conservative when on a budget; they also prove to be very effective as well. Take some cotton balls (Or some q-tips) and dip them in petroleum jelly, and store them in a zip-lock bag for a quick light method.

2) Packing procedures

Planning your packing procedure will ease the stress when you need to access the items. Fail to plan, plan to fail as they say. Pack your bulkier less accessed items at the bottom and the more used bulkier items at the top. Take use of accessory pockets for quick, and possibly emergent use, when necessary. Tool loops and lash-on points are great for awkward and large tools.

3) Camping Handwashing station

Possibly the simplest way to create your camp handwashing system is to take an empty detergent bottle that has a spigot, fill it with water, and to use that to waterfall water unto your hands. Place a paper towel holder on top of the detergent bottle to keep the hand drying area in proximity and clean.

4) The Tick-Tack box spices for storage

Imagine carrying your favorite spices to the camping site. Empty Tick-Tack boxes are the perfect traveling boxes for storage of spices. Who doesn’t love spice to liven up a meal?

5) Making Pot and Pan Holder

Take belts and some hooks and wrap the belt around the trees and pin them, making a kitchen storage area for pots and pans.

6) Camping Toilets

Okay so maybe you are not a fan of popping a squat behind a sketchy bush at night. Take heart, my friend! Create your toilet seat with the use of a toilet seat, a bucket, and a crate. Just put the bucket in the crate and the toilet seat on top of the crate and bucket.

7) Preparing Mosquito Repellent

Don’t have mosquito repellent that will keep mosquitoes out of your proximity? Use some sage and burn that by the campfire. This also will produce a nice smell as well!

8) Use of Biodegradable trail tape

Biodegradable trail tape usually helps to keep the camping environment safe. This is not often thought about when camping, but hey let us protect our environment yeah? Tape can easily trap wildlife and hurt the environment we’re trying to enjoy in the first place!

9) Use of Flint

The use of flint is impressive, as well as handy. Flint can be used to start a fire by taking tinder, which is easily lit plants, shrubs, twigs, or anything dry and looks like it will catch fire quickly, and using the sparks produced by flints to start a fire.

10) Making Orange Candle

So a hack to impress your friends while camping is to take an orange, cut it in half, and peel the skin off ensuring the stem remains intact. Then soak the mini bowl you created with some olive oil for about 30-minutes. Then light the stem! Looks beautiful and smells good! What cool candle designs can you think of if you used the whole orange?

11) Comfortable Sleeping Ground

Take your kids foam pads, the ones that are used as a play area and fit together like puzzles, and use those to foam pad your tent! Using a sleeping bag on top of this just might beat your crappy mattress at home!

12) Use of Backpack checklist

This may almost sound like common-sense, but it happens all the time. Campers become reliant on their super-human memory ability only to find out once at the campsite that their memory is not super-human after all. Make a checklist, it takes seconds, helps plan, and will pay off in the long run.

13) Camping Shower

Don’t fancy a swim in the river naked with a bear grinning back at you? Okay, how about creating your shower in a tree? Take a watering can (the ones used for plants) and tie it to the tree at the handle. Add some rope at the spigot region, and tilt it when needing the water to shower off. Make this advanced by taking some tarp to create some privacy while showering. Or you could get one of these prebuilt camping showers that can hold up to 5L.

14) Treat Bug Bites

Did you know that deodorant can help alleviate the irritating itch caused by a bug bite?! Make sure that you do not apply on open skin. That probably will not be a good idea.

15) Securing the Tent

Rainfall during camping is unfortunate, but in the case of rain what about the campsite?! Water can pool in the tent easily, so building a trench around the tent can help to prevent this. Water will be directed into the trench opposed to inside the tent.

16) Keep Food Fresher

You can keep food fresh by vacuum sealing your food before going camping. Vacuuming sealing will help to prevent bacterial growth, help to keep your food water resistant and to taste fresh. Just to be sure not to litter the plastic used to vacuum seal.

18)Campfire Popcorn

Campfire popcorn can be a fun way to eat at the campfire, as well as packing food that will last. Although not nutritiously dense, it can pack some carbohydrates. Take a fair size tinfoil square, place the kernels inside, add a teaspoon or two of oil, and wrap it in a pouch. Wrap this around a twig and place in a fire or coals of the fire. Listen until all the popping stops. Once stopped, take out and be cautious as this will be hot! Enjoy :).

19) Pancakes!

Here’s a neat camping hack, premake some pancakes batter at home, add them to storage baggies and take them with you to the campsite. Use these prefilled baggies over a hot pan to create some pancakes! Simple yet effective.

20) Ambient Lamp

Create a beautiful ambient lighting lamp by taking the headlight that you packed, and wrapping it around a plastic jug of water. The highlight beam will face inwards towards the jug of water. Enjoy your cool tent light :).

21) Soda Can Stove

Create your homemade mini camping stove capable of an output of 18,000 BTU. Take a soda can, cut it in half, poke holes around the edge and five concentrated holes in the direct center. This is where you’ll place a penny on top of to act as a pressure relief valve. Take another half of a soda can and fit it over your created stove top. Add fuel to the can and fill it up! Then light the top of the stove. The fumes from the can will rise through the holes you created and create a stove-like flame.

Heres a bonus little infographic for you all 🙂

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