10 of the World’s Best Hiking Trails with Waterfalls

There is no better way to experience the serene wonders of the world than a hiking trail to some of the world’s most incredible waterfalls. The unexpected elegance and beauty of watching water trail from a high point are perhaps more memorable than anything else you have experienced yet. Maybe the rumbling water embeds in your memory those experiences. It is subjective to agree on the world’s best waterfalls since a piece of knowledge is based on one’s taste and interest. But in choosing the world’s best hiking trails with waterfalls, this list remains unbiased all the way. It is because the below hiking trails are not only beautiful to the perfections of the universe but also continue to be some of the most visited spots in the world.

1. Cummin Falls

Cummin Falls

Located in Tennessee, this waterfall came to the limelight when the Tennessee Parks and Greenway Foundation purchased the area to build a natural park. The Cummin waterfall is 75-feet high, and two trails lead up to it. The scenic falls offer perhaps one of the world’s beautiful swimming holes and an exciting view of water crossing,
boulders, uneven terrain and an elevation gain. The best time to visit Cummin falls is during summer when there is need to cool off from the hot sunshine.

2. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

It is one of the most beautiful attractions in Africa as well as the world. The noise from the waterfall is said to be audible more than 40 km away, and the mist spray rises to approximately 400 Km. In Fact, it is the world’s largest waterfall cascading to a height of a hundred kilometers. The shower and mist earned its local nickname ?smoke of thunder’ from the locals. The waterfall gained popularity after Livingstone named it after Queen Victoria and documented it as one of the most incredible scenes in the universe. The Victoria Falls trail is on record as the only viable access route to this falls, and it offers a scenic view of the Zambezi River through the greenery of towering bushes and shading hardwoods.

3. Yosemite Falls

Yosemite Falls

This trail is located in the Yosemite National Park in California and features the Yosemite falls. Yosemite Falls is ranked as the fifth-longest waterfall in the world. The hiking trail is a 7.2 Mile trip around Camp Four located at the lower part of the park. The most amazing scene for the Yosemite Falls is snowmelt, which happens during spring every year.

4. Havasu Falls Rugged Trail

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is ranked as the world’s most challenging waterfall to access. The waterfall is an oasis waterfall cutting through the middle of a red rock of the Grand Canyon. The trail begins from a small village called Supai, which is only accessible by a helicopter. The Havasu Falls is 100 meters high and located in a desert. This attitude makes it very popular.

5. The Mist Trail

Vernal Falls

The Mist Trail is located on the Yosemite Valley and leads to three scenic waterfalls. The trail takes you to Nevada falls through to Vernal fall. While at the top of Nevada Falls, this trail offers you a view of the Bridal Veil Falls too located in the same valley. Below the Bridal Veil Falls, water flows silently over a waspy cliff.

6. The Gorge Trail

Taughannock Falls

Along with this trail, you will find an accessible route to Taughannock Falls in Taughannock state park. Taughannock is a single drop fall in New York State and therefore just one of its kind in Ithaca. Campsites are also available where you can view the Cayuga Lake.

7. Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls is one of three waterfalls located along the Skykomish River. On this trail, you will tackle 700 feet of elevation to reach the Trail Canyon Falls. The waterfall is incredible during winter when the 30-foot high fall fills the creek below.

8. The Woodland Trail

Fall Creek Falls

The Woodland paths, considered one of the most popular trails, leads to the Fall Creek Falls. Lying in the Fall Creek Falls state park, the trail is well kept with often guides willing to take you through. The Fall Creek Falls is one of the four significant falls located in the park, and the woodland trail offers you a serene view of all of them.

9. Uncle Tom’s Trail

Yellowstone Falls

East of the canyon village is the beautiful Lower Yellowstone Falls. The falls are an impressive site being a signature sight for America’s first National Park. This trail offers four vantage viewpoints of the 109 feet high waterfall. The fall drops into sections of the grand canyon of Yellowstone and the Yellowstone Lake.

10. Raven Falls

Raven Falls

This 4.9 miles trail offers a memorable hike through a lush stream valley where a beautiful cascading creek divides the elegant Raven Cliff. The trail gives you access to an impressive sight of the Raven Falls. The hike begins at Helen passing through shades of towering hardwoods, which makes it quite a fantastic site.

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