10 Cool Camping Gear for 2018

2018 is an exciting year for technology, cool camping gear and gizmos that we have not seen. Camping got some respect for the innovative camping gear that is recently released. Check out this list of 100 cool camping gear for the 2018 year and let us know what you think below, as well if you believe some camping gadgets should be added to this list. The list is compiled with Amazon in mind, to provide a quick reference link should you be interested to read the product description! This is not a compiled list of needed items per se like this list of basic needed camping items, but cool things to consider.

1.Electricity is a luxury when camping, but such is the life we choose when we go camping so hey, we’re not complaining…too much. If you are complaining, or maybe just interested in cool camping gadgets, check out this solar rechargeable LED tent light. The light is packed with 18 ultra bright LED light bulbs allowing the camper to use this in diversified situations. The light continuously will be lit for 4+ hours, or longer with solar charging.

2. Got a few friends that don’t have tents? Well, this won’t be a problem if you and a few of your buddies are willing to invest in this tent. It boasts that it can sleep up to 9 people, fits two queen mattresses and has a height of 78 inches. A room divider keeps the privacy when needed, and removed when wanting to make one great space. Camping is fun with friends after all, give this a look.

3. A must-have camping gear on our list is this emergency survival kit. This emergency survival kit saves you the time of trying to figure out what to buy and serves in all in 1. This kit is an 11-in-1 composition of various survival tools. This kit contains a flint stone, flashlight, mini light, compass, tactical knife, tungsten steel pen, emergency blanket, and scraper among other items. We thought the blanket was cool because it is not often something people think about when packing an emergency kit for survival. This blanket retains up to 90% of body heat! Hypothermia is no joke and can bog someone down when they’re trying to fight to survive. Definitely worth checking out. What kind of price can you put on survival anyway? For around 30 USD you can’t go wrong.

4. Camping should be fun as well as gritty, but this is a hammock with a lifetime warranty. Yes seriously, a lifetime warranty. No doubt that in itself is pretty insane. I can’t count the time I had a hammock break due to weight, fray, or wear out because well, it’s being used in rugged conditions typically. Rated at 400 pounds it can take quite a large guy (or gal), or maybe two adults, whichever the case its a decent rating. This hammock as 1,262 positive 5-star reviews on Amazon, just go check it out what are you waiting for!

5. Okay, a sleeping bag onsie anyone? If you want to impress your friends, then a sleeping bag onsie may do the trick. Imagine the reaction on your face when you walk out of your tent…wearing your sleeping bag. Priceless. The warmth of the sleeping bag, and the comfort of well, wearing clothes. Check it out and let us know what you think.

6. This air mattress is designed to fit in the back of your car and is made of high polymer PE PVC, non-toxic, and odorless. This mattress fits perfectly in the back of our Jeep Unlimited, almost as if it was specifically designed to fit for this vehicle. This mattress is comfortable, well-made, and even includes the pump, which is nice.  

7.  Do you have a crossover, SUV, minivan, wagon, or Jeep? This very cool tent may be just what you need. It is designed to universally fit the vehicles mentioned about because it has a vehicle sleeve that expands your living space with that of the trunk. Some vehicles have power connecters in the trunk so combining both the tent and the trunk of the vehicle only feels natural.  

8. We won’t judge you for not wanting to build a fire the natural way during camping, so here is a product we recommend which will help you get the natural campfire feel whilst camping, also while looking the campfire is natural. The little red campfire is a fun camping product that hooks up to propane and has natural looking logs to add ambiance to ensure it looks and performs like a natural campfire. You do need a lighter however and a propane tank, but once you have those items you’re ready to set sail.  

9. As much as camping means getting away from the connected world and disconnecting from the grid for a bit, a cellular phone is necessary for more than just checking Facebook. It can be a lifesaving device in the wilderness should you ever need it. There have been many cases of people being able to be located because of the GPS signal on a cellular phone. It only works well if your battery is charge however. This 16W solarpanel comes with dual USB ports, is waterproof, and is foldable. It is important that it comes with USB ports instead of the actual charging cable in our opinion because of the number of different chargers on the market today. Either way, we feel this solar panel will pay itself back because of the convenience it provides.

Solar panel for camping

10. Couples go camping too! This sleeping bag will prevent the isolation you feel when you are each in your own sleeping bag. Think of a sleeping bag usually being just a twin-size mattress and this one being a king size. That being said, if you enjoy having a larger sleeping area and are single, well why not? Features such as waterproof and breathable footbox, a blanket fold, and stretch box baffles that will help to maximize comfort. A friend of our owns one of these and went camping in Iceland where temperatures can easily get around 30 degrees Fahrenheit and they had no complaints and stated they were warm and comfortable.  

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